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Domus Technica

Van Pallandtstraat 63

6814 GN  Arnhem

The Netherlands


Our portfolio of services is as simple as it is dynamic. We are here to help YOU, not the other way around. We have developed a service portfolio based on our clients' challenges. We notice that organizations have grown into complex structures with all the challenges around control and politics thinkable. Our consulting portfolio is designed to create insight into your organization. We find opportunities for growth, innovation, cost reduction and business change by giving you the insights you need. You will be amazed when you see how we open pandoras box.

Some of our clients struggled with mobile app development, so we set up a service to design, develop and publish Apps. At first on the Apple platform, but we've expanded on Android and Windows Mobile. The many awards we've won are a tribute to our way of working. We have beating some of the biggest names and budgets in the development space.

We noticed that publishing is actually a lot of fun. Traditional publishing houses however are clinging on to a declining market and seem unable to tap into their own agility. We decided to build up our expertise in modern-day publishing. Self-publishing is not enough for most authors, and traditional publishing houses have little understanding for consumer marketing.