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Domus Technica

Van Pallandtstraat 63

6814 GN  Arnhem

The Netherlands

Mobile Apps is a very diverse market, with many angles and challenges. We had to make a choice about the type of Apps we can make, and the platforms we can make them on. We have focused our efforts around 'information Apps' on the Apple, Android and Windows Mobile platform. We are proud that our focus has been recognized. In 2013 we have won several awards with our App development, including the 'BestAppEver' award in the category 'Heath and Fitness', beating impressive competition. We noticed again that 'Keeping your eye on the ball' really pays off.

Our portfolio of services around App development includes;

- App concept design: From a vague idea to a clear structure and functionality. We deliver mind-maps, flowcharts, wireframes, etc. Anything that helps you to turn your idea into an App that sells.

- App graphical design: One of the most important things in App development is the user experience. How do you make an App attractive and consistent. You have to be proud or your product, and a client has to be comfortable spending money on your app.

- App development: From concept and design to the actual programming (natively) on various platforms. We handle the software development, quality control, version and source control. If you rather want the have the code your-self: no problem. We can help you set it up and manage any changes you want apply later.

- App publishing: After you App is published in the various stores online, consumers will have questions, might experience some problems with a particular type of phone. We can handle that end-user communication for you. 


Yes let us know what your App challenge is, and we'll help you find a solution. If we can't help you, we know somebody who can.