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Domus Technica

Van Pallandtstraat 63

6814 GN  Arnhem

The Netherlands

The problem with traditional publishing houses is very simple. They have no concept of actual book-readers. No end-user focus. A client in the perception of a publisher is the bookstore. In the past, a book-reader would go to a bookstore to buy a book, so the notion that a client is the bookstore makes a lot of sense from a historical perspective. Today however, book-readers buy online, and the traffic to a physical bookstore is decreasing. Instead of reading out to the book-store, publishing should reach-out to the end-user, the book-reader. 

In order to do that, publishers must understand a thing or two about online marketing and search engine optimization.

Domus Technica offers aggregation services, whereby we actually place the eBook or App in the various stores online. We can even create these products for you. Via our partnership with some of the best online marketing and distribution organization we can cover the entire spectrum. Yes, also the physical bookstores in large parts of the world.