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Domus Technica

Van Pallandtstraat 63

6814 GN  Arnhem

The Netherlands

Domus Technica is a young company, but loaded with experience. We recognize the fact that IT plays a vital role in our everyday life. Today's IT enabled economy however, cannot endure without proper mechanisms for security and governance. At the same time, we feel that these mechanisms should not restrain enterprises from doing business and are therefore focused on new ways

Domus Technica is result oriented and we strive to make a difference. We share the enthusiasm and interest for our field of work. We are dedicated in designing fit for purpose solutions and helping our clients successfully achieve their goals.

We started in 2008 as an IT security & Architecture consulting firm. Meanwhile our portfolio includes development and publishing services around mobile Apps.

Domus Technica is a typical networked organization. Based on the situation, complexity and size of the business challenge, we call our specialist friends from around the globe.